• Stefanie Leitch

What I'm Currently Working On

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd share with everyone what I was currently building and what you can expect to see released in the coming months. Recently, with the release of the SNES games on the Nintendo Switch (particularly Breath of Fire), I have become enamored with old-school 2D RPGs. I think there is so much you can do with a 2D RPG and so much creativity that goes into it. Between the copious amount of writing, the depth you can get into with world-building and history, and the endless number of mechanics in all of the various systems, there is so many fun and interesting games that can be made in this genre.

With that in mind, I went back to some software I haven't played with in a LONG time -- RPG Maker -- and what I found was that it felt stale. In order to make something that felt unique, something that you couldn't immediately tell was built in RPG Maker you had to fight with the software. It felt like it had so many constraints built in that you had to wrestle your way outside of the box you started out in to do anything unique. That's where I realized there had to be a better way.

My mind immediately went to GameMaker. This is software I have used for a LONG time, ever since I first got into game development. It's intuitive and easy to use, and you can build damn near anything you want. I thought, why can't we just build a package containing all the systems needed for an RPG (dialogue, battle, inventory, etc.) and release it for people to customize and build an RPG. 

Ideally, as a starting point all someone would need to do is import this package of assets and modify some core scripts to make the game theirs. Beyond that, anyone with a knowledge of GML would be able to customize the core systems to make them do anything they want. It would be a combination of the power of GameMaker but without requiring the detailed programming knowledge that goes into creating the underlying systems for an RPG.

So that's what I'm working on. Along with the RPG Toolkit package, I'll be building a short RPG using the systems included in the package to show off what it will look like. This RPG will use the fantastic Time Fantasy assets created by finalbossblues (check out his Patreon at with some customizations done as needed.

Thanks for reading!

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